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An Old Man and His Dog

            An old man and his dog sat on their porch. The man was a widower, therefore he had no one except his dog as a friend. He had no relatives. He sat on his porch all day and just said hi to people of the town walking by and paperboys delivering the morning paper. The man was old and needed assistance in breathing. He had smoked all his life but recently he had quit. He had an oxygen tank that he used to help him breathe.
             One day, just an ordinary day like all the rest, a burglar decided to rob the sweet old man of his belongings. Some of the belongings were: TV, stereo, oxygen tank, money, and a few other random things. The old man was helpless, he tried to call for help but no one was around and he couldn't make it to the phone in time. He had lost some stuff, but he wasn't too discouraged because he didn't use many of the things that were stolen, but he needed his oxygen tank to breathe. He still had his dog and that was all he truly cared about. He soon got a new oxygen tank from his insurance company.
             The burglar got away and was never captured by authorities. He kept the TV, the stereo, and some other things but he had no need for an oxygen tank. He was going to throw it away but then he thought he might be able to get some money out of it by listing it in the paper. It is still listed in the paper with no offers yet, but the burglar is sure someone will need it and buy it and he will make a few bucks. .
             The old man is doing fine. His dog and him are alive and they both have a few good years left. He still wonders to this day why anyone would steal and old mans oxygen tank, but he is kind of glad that it got stolen because the one he has now is a lot nicer that his old one.

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