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Keys To Academic Success

             Gaining control of time, developing concentration skills, and taking good notes are very important keys to academic success. First, gaining control of time is the most important key to academic success. Many students avoid doing their homework right away. Instead, they hesitate and wait until the last minute to complete the assignment. Some students do not know how to manage their time wisely. They make the mistake of studying over night until the test. The best way to manage time is to prepare a monthly calendar, a weekly and a daily study schedule. And then student should follow the schedule to do as much as possible. Second, developing concentration skills is also very important. Some students loose their concentration during the lesson because they are either daydreaming or thinking about something that is not really related to the lesson. Sometimes, students do not feel well or feel tired. These will also affect their concentration. The most effective way to concentrate is to have a positive attitude, create a good atmosphere and study with a goal in mind. Third, taking good notes can also provide students with academic success. When students take good notes, they illustrate that they understand the most important part of the book or class. When they take good note, they write down the main ideas or key words to remind them of the main idea of the book or class. Then, when they review their notes, they will pick up the ideas easily. The best way to take good notes is to write down the main ideas in a simple outline form. Also, students can use their own language or symbol; even draw a picture to make their notes. It can help the student more effective to understand and remember their notes.

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