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Qualities of Success

            ˜ "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career, " Michael Jordan once observed. 26 times I've entrusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over, and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. "' (Chua, 117). Success is something most people want to achieve in life. It consists of continuous hard work and no matter how much one fails as long as one continues to work hard and not lose enthusiasm, one will succeed. Impulse control is also being able to make decisions, take the action, and execute a plan regardless of the obstacles, discomforts or difficulties that may come. The documentary film, "Spellbound " talked about how 8 kids worked hard to get into the Spelling Bee Nationals. In the article, "The Immigrant Advantage, Mr. Bhuiyan had impulse control and worked hard for something he wanted and eventually became an I.T and earning a six figure salary. The book, "The Triple Package " talked about how having impulse control can lead to success. Two qualities of being successful are hard work and impulse control. .
             Hard work is one key to success. Achieving it is different and so is the road but the route has one thing in common: hard work. It makes people determined to reach for their goal. For example, it helps athletes to keep going in sports and winning, helps an average student become exceptional and it helps transform destinies. Today's world is competitive and a lot of people want success in their life. In "The Immigrant Advantage ", Mr. Bhuiyan went from working at a "minimart to waiting tables at an Olive Garden to six-figure I.T jobs. " (Giridharadas). To be a better person in life and to be successful, working hard is necessary and the results is a lifetime of rewards. Hard work is challenging but not impossible. "In 1962, Ralph de la Vega, the ten-year-old of a wholesale grocer in Cuba, arrived in Miami with no family, no English, and no money; in his memoir Obstacles Welcome, he writes of living on U.

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