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Harry potter book report

             Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, written by J.K Rowling, is a fictional adventure story that takes place during the twenty-first century in England.
             There are five main characters in this book. The first, Harry Potter, is an orphan that lives with his aunt and uncle who are "muggles." He is small and skinny for his age, probably because he sleeps in a dark cupboard under the staircase. The second character, Ron Weasley, is tall, thin, gangly, with freckles, big feet and hands, and a long nose. He becomes Harry's first best friend. The third character, Hermione Granger, has bushy brown hair, large front teeth. She is a bossy, know-it-all type of person. She also becomes Harry's best friend. The fourth character is Hagrid. He is almost twice the size of a normal human, and almost five times as wide. He also has wild tangles of bushy hair black hair and a beard that covers most of his face. The fifth character is Voldermort. He was the one who killed Harry's parents when Harry was a year old and has been hidden for ten years. He has red eyes and slits for his nose. .
             The story begins on number four Privet Drive, where Mr. and Mrs. Dursley live. Harry Potter's parents have just been killed, and Albus Dumbledore is waiting for Hagrid to bring Harry. Reluctantly, the Dursleys take Harry since the Dursleys are the only family Harry has left. .
             Then the story fast forwards ten years. Harry is sleeping under the staircase in a tiny cupboard while his cousin Dudley has two rooms- one where he sleeps and one where he keeps all his toys. .
             One day a letter comes for Harry. Mr. Dursley throws it away which angers Harry because no one had ever written to him before. The next day the same thing happens. Mrs. Dursley boards up the mail slot, but then the letters just come through the chimney. Mr. Dursley decides to take the family to a hotel, and even there they can not escape the letters. Mr. Dursley decides to rent a boat where he thinks there is no possible way for the mail to reach him.

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