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George W,. Bush

            George W, Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut on July 6, 1946. He became a citizen and resident of Texas and received a Bachelor's degree from Yale and a Master's from Harvard Business School and became very successful in purchasing a franchise in the Texas Rangers baseball team. .
             He was elected governor of Texas in 1994. Since he became President in 2001, he lowered taxes, increased pay, and improved public schools. He is also married to Laura Bush and has two twin daughters- Barbara and Jenna. .
             The President's stand on economy is support a growth plan to strengthen America's economy and provide necessary services to citizens. Growth Act of 2003 was passed to create jobs and increase economic recovery and allow small businesses to grow. He wants to firm the foundations of our economy and allow any American the opportunity to get a job. .
             Education is very important to President Bush. His desire is to reform a system to improve the performance of even the most challenged students by bringing together the rich and poor in achievement. The President passed the No Child Left Behind Act that supports early learning, greater student achievement, parent information, free tutoring for failing students, and more school resources. .
             Obviously, President Bush is for the war, or else he wouldn't have declared it in the first place. He called on America to defend the peace, preserve the peace, and extend the peace, while using our unmatched strength as a nation to influence others in need. .
             Some topics addressed by Mr. Bush about Health Care were the cost of drugs, the benefit of prescriptions, nation wide health care, HMO suing, and more. His stand on these topics are as follows: reduce the cost of drugs for less able patients, make drug benefit part of Medicare, improve the system of national health care, lessen patient lawsuits on HMOs. .
             Opposed to immigration, Bush made validations for immigrants who are not illegally brought to our country.

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