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"Independent Women and Literature"

            A blinking cursor on a blank screen is considered to be torture for us last minuet writers. I hate when I tell myself I am going to start a paper early, only to find myself frantically trying to put together something half-way decent two days before it's due. Most of my professors end up hating me because in that frantic state of writing, I have managed to botch a perfectly sculpted topic. My professors" topics have so much to offer in writing, but alas, I end up making them look shoddy. .
             Once again, I have waited till the last minuet to write a paper. On top of the fact that I have waited till the last minuet, I am doped up on so many cold medications that my bedside table looks like a pharmacy. I have caught the "dorm flu" which my residents have so fondly passed on to their loving resident assistant. At this point, I"d love to wring the neck of the resident that brought this into the dorms in the first place, making this paper seem like the biggest mountain I've ever had to climb in the twenty years of my existence.
             In my days of lying in bed, I did manage to re-read the two pieces of literature that I would need for this paper and even make notes on them in the margins of the text. I am proud of myself for not waiting till the last minuet on that, but am a bit confused on the notes I made in the margins next to each piece. I suppose DayQuil, reading English literature, and writing isn't exactly things that should be done simultaneously. Therefore, I"m starting from scratch on the comparison of Margery Kempe's character in her Book and Chaucer's Wife of Bath character. .
             The first thing I noticed about both of these characters in the readings outside of class is that the characters were crafted to be extremely independent. That strikes my interest right off the bat for two reasons: 1) Women of that era weren't viewed as independent nor were they allowed to be that way.

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