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Music life and the word matter

            Sixteen years can be seen as a small amount of time, or an eternity from different perspectives. Me? I"m not sure what I think of it, really. Now, when I think, memories blur. It all meshes and separates into little pieces of unrecognizable history. When I was a kid things seemed so big, but you have an odd kind of bravery when you"re young, as if anything bad can happen, and be defeated by pure will of goodness. You don't have to worry, because it's like your immune. The things seem trivial, but it's not like you even know what the word means. Things just come and go from spontaneous generation to spontaneous combustion.
             When you"re older, things weigh more on you. On me anyway. Realizing how cold people are, and that even if one can try as hard as they do to make kindness and heart infectious like the black plague.they still fail. Balance between all things, is just how it works. People show imbalance through emotions like a desperate cry to make everything go away, because wouldn't a true equal spread of emotion burn down to just existence? It's like every emotion is a window toward a different sense of a shard from a whole that makes up infinite knowledge. Is life something that is actually worth taking part in.I don't know.I cant really say.
             So, it all comes down to balance. Surely, that would mean that in the end good and bad, right and wrong, and dark and light all even out. It should prove that it's all a stalemate. Neither is dominant nor inferior. At the same time could someone take it as they don't even exist? After all perception is just explaining things to yourself and you can come up with reasons for anything. You can feel pain, but take solace, which cancels out the feeling. People label things. They all need to explain things to the point they are confused, because of contradictions that they create. Ignorance is bliss and contradictions make people mortal.
             Sadness can consume you and never let you go if you don't make an effort to fight, but what's the point of fighting it when eventually you"ll just meet up with it again.

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