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Athletes deserve their salaries

             I believe that professional athletes deserve the salaries they receive. There are many reasons I have which support my belief. I hope that everyone will feel different towards this topic when I"m through arguing my position.
             First, many people just assume that athletes don't deserve their salaries, because of the astronomical amounts. Often times, people compare athletes to doctors. They believe the doctors of the world should be paid more than athletes. For all of those people, many experts say the degree of difficulty is much higher for becoming a pro athlete, than for becoming a doctor. Professional salary should be graded in according with the difficulty of achievement.
             Athletic careers aren't nearly as long as those of doctors, lawyers, etc. Other high paying professions have a longer career life than that of a pro athlete. Doctors, for example, have an average minimum career of 15 years. The average maximum career in the NBA is about 6 years, and in the NFL, it is half that number. Additionally, in professional sports, many times these athletes risk their health and perhaps, in extreme cases, death. Just like Darryl Stingley, a former NFL player, who was paralyzed while playing the game he loved so much. I can tell you one thing; doctors sure don't risk their health nearly as much as professional athletes do. .
             Santoro 2.
             Pro athletes also create many jobs for people. Without athletes, there would be many less jobs to be distributed. All of the people who work at the stadiums, arenas, and other sports complexes, wouldn't have their jobs if it weren't for the athletes. The peanut vendor at the ballpark, the ticket sellers at the stadium box office, and the security guards at the arena. They all have jobs because of pro athletes. Furthermore, the cities that these athletes play in receive lots of revenue from their various sports teams.

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