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The Crucible

             The Salem witch trials that occurred in the 1600's are recorded as one the most tragic social injustices of our history's past. Many who were involved in this event were good, innocent Christian people who were caught up in their own web of superstitious and fanatic religious beliefs. In the novel, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, integrity is such a difficult thing to maintain. Elizabeth Proctor, throughout everything she goes through, manages to keep all of her integrity, and at that, very sincerely. During the horrific trials Elizabeth is presented with many opportunities to let it all go, but Elizabeth, being such a strong and loyal person, never allows herself to give in.
             Elizabeth is such a strong character. Miller clearly has certain characters keep their integrity intact, but also while doing so, allowed so many to lose it. Elizabeth cares a great deal about living her life with trust in God. "God forbid you keep from the court, John." (Act II 51). "I promise nothing. Let me speak with him."(Act IV 123). In addition, she also cares about the integrity of the people to whom she loves.
             During the Salem witch trials many innocent people suffered, and Elizabeth, knowing her life is in danger is willing to keep her utmost integrity until the end. John Proctor, Elizabeth's spouse wants to hear her advice about whether or not to confess a lie to what he hadn't done, and even then she holds strong. "I cannot judge you, John, I cannot!"(Act IV 127). "And yet you've not confessed till now. That speak goodness in you"(Act IV 126). Moreover, Elizabeth shows the good in other characters trying for so long to keep their faith, and integrity.
             Elizabeth is given a number of chances to lose it all, even so she never took them. "I am not your judge, I cannot be. Do as you will, do as you will"(Act IV 128). Elizabeth could have allowed her husband to confess and loose it all himself, but by her doing this would ruin it all for her also.

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