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Changes Brought With Wealth

             Money, one of the most important factors in today's world.
             However, some of the "products" need something more than .
             money to buy. In the beginning of A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt, the character of .
             Richard Rich makes a statement to the effect that "every man has his price"(Bolt pg. 4). Though .
             this can be understood differently by different people. But what Master Rich is trying to say is .
             that every man can be bought with money. However, many people would argue this supposition .
             because most of the people around the world price their family and relatives as priceless. A Man .
             For All Seasons clearly demonstrates how some of the characters achieve their price, if a persons .
             price is the same as their goal, and to what lengths some people will go to achieve their goal.
             Some people achieve their price with hard work and loyalty to the state while others tend .
             to cheat the government and wish to take and give bribes. Sir Thomas More, once chancellor to .
             the king in A Man For All Seasons, achieves his price through serving his people by being a .
             defense attorney. Sir Thomas More was very liked by the community. He was also "a good son .
             of the church"(Bolt act II); therefore, very tied to the church and was much driven by religion. .
             Because More's times were pretty much controlled by the church and most of the people were .
             churchgoing, his religiousness had brought him reputation and respect. However, Richard Rich, .
             Cardinal Wolsey's bookkeeper and later chancellor to the queen, thinks and acts otherwise. In his .
             opinion, "every man has a price"(Bolt pg. 4) and every man can be purchased using money. .
             Therefore, he is corrupted by money which he proves when he accepts the silver cup from Sir .
             Thomas More which was a bribe from the "woman" and admits that he will sell it and use it to .
             purchase other goods. In addition, Master Rich is also driven by a desire for power which in turn .
             brings money and respect that he always wanted.

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