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Shakespear - Prince Henry

            Prince Henry known, as Hal is a character for which we at the beginning cannot have any sympathy, whereas towards the end of the play we can have sympathy. .
             Hal's soliloquy suggests a sharp awareness. Hal knows the nature of his true character, though it may seem different, in the light of his actions. Till the soliloquy Hal seemed to be a prince that ignores his status, and disobeys to act in the courtly manner, and moreover, shows it in public. His behavior during the scene is far from being the proper behavior for a prince. The soliloquy presents the awareness Hal has for himself and the environment. The fact he is aware of his true self since the beginning emphasizes the maturity and the strength of his moral code. In spite the knowledge Hal has about himself, only a change of circumstances actually causes his character change. Therefore, Hal undergoes a transformation during the play.
             The reasons for Hal's choice of friends and company can be related to public image, as well as can relate to other psychological reasons, involving his father and the courtly life. During the play, Hal unmasks part of the psychological reasons for his poor behavior. The relationship between Hal and his father stays problematic till Hal and his father meet at the battlefield, and King Henry comments that he was wrong to ever doubt his son (act 5.4.). For example, in his enactment of his father with Falstaff he attacks Falstaff (pretending to be Hal) for his acquaintance with Falstaff and his friends. From that enactment, we can see what Hal thinks his father thinks of him. .
             Another example is in the first scene of the play. Henry 4th wishes his son had been as courageous as Hotspur is, and suggests they might have been switched at birth. These incidents show Henry 4th's attitude towards his son. This attitude could be a part of the reason Hal chooses his friends out of the thieves. These friends make Hal look good later on, as the sun comes out of the clouds.

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