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             The period of the renaissance existed between the years of 1485 and 1660. The term renaissance itself is a French word meaning "rebirth" and it refers particularly to renew interest in classical learning, the writing of ancient Greece and Rome. In the Middle Ages, people forgot the Greek language and debased the Latin; in the Renaissance people learned to read Greek once more and reformed the Latin that they read, wrote, and spoke. During the age of the Renaissance new energy seemed to be available for creating beautiful things and thinking new thoughts. Today people still call a strong, versatile, and productive human being a "renaissance person." In order to understand the period of the renaissance a person must look at basic areas: Royalty and explores, Religion and literature, music and arts, and food and fun.
             In order to understand the period of the Renaissance a person must first look at the royalty and explores. During the period of the Renaissance royalty ment that a person had people whom served them. There were several royal families and individuals that lasted for long periods of time in the Renaissance that included these great people: "Henry VIII was a young man, of England whom had everything. He was tall and handsome, he could ride all day, win joust, speak four languages, play the lute, and talk learnedly about religion and astronomy."(Hirsch P.1) Henry VIII had six wives and as many if not more flings. Henry's first wife was Catherine of Aragon. Henry and Catherine were married in 1509 and shortly after their marriage Catherine became pregnant. The baby was born prematurely and died in 1510. She was soon pregnant again months later. The baby prince Henry was born of January 1, 1511. (secara P.1) Around 2 months later the baby died. On February 1516, she gave birth to a daughter named Mary, and this child lived. Henry was growing very frustrated by his lack of male heirs, but he remained a devoted husband.

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