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National Security: The Preserver of Freedom

            "Our Nation's cause has always been larger than our Nation's defense. We fight, as we always fight, for a just peace "a peace that favors liberty. We will defend the peace against the threats from terrorists and tyrants,"" President Bush stated at the graduation of the United States Military Academy's class of 2002 (United). These fine graduates would go on to lead the military of the most powerful nation in the world, in a war that many call the most dim-witted mistake made by an administration, in response to the most catastrophic attack on American soil. The decision of the commander in chief to avenge not only terrorist attacks on America, but acts of terror on benign nations worldwide, was made with the objective of peace and liberty in the world. Bush seeks to guarantee dependable national security for Americans, but they seem to disagree with his policy. In its defense in the homeland and overseas, the United States government is without doubt making the right choices and spending a vital amount of time and effort on the elements of national security in order to maintain freedom and democracy.
             The Bush administration has long been battered about its withstanding attention overseas, but there is a reason for this focus. Today, the distinction between domestic and foreign affairs is thinning. In a globalized world, events outside of America's borders have a greater impact inside them (United). America is preventing its enemies from threatening its citizens, allies, and friends by bringing much attention to nations who "harbor terrorists."" Bush has identified the three rogue nations in his dubbed "axis of evil."" These states are supposedly known to possess catastrophic technologies, such as weapons of mass destruction, and are feared to supply this weaponry to terrorists. The nature and motivations of these enemies, their determination to obtain destructive powers, and the greater possibility that they will use weapons of mass destruction against America, make today's security environment more dangerous and complex (United).

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