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Comparison between Macbeth and Hamlet

             As it has been said time and time again, William Shakespeare was a brilliant writer. He created a large quantity of works, and along with that quantity there was nothing to question about the quality. His works were diversified in each individual story, but they were all basically based out of the Elizabethan period in Europe. However, two of his more popular works, Hamlet and Macbeth, were extremely similar. From beginning to end, these two works remain relatively alike. From both of the main characters meeting with supernatural figures to the constant theme of death, the similarities are abundant. .
             First of all, supernatural figures are widely used to warn, protect, or predict various aspects of life. Shakespeare takes advantage of that and in Hamlet, Prince Hamlet meets and talks with the deceased King Hamlet because the King returned as a ghost to handle unfinished business. As for Macbeth, the story begins with Macbeth and Banquo meeting the three witches who prophesize their futures. Although witches do exist in all actuality, chances are they could not predict the main events of someone's life. Needless to say, without that first encounter, we would have never been graced with the story of Macbeth. Later, Macbeth also meets with the ghost of Banquo, which leads to more problems because it occurs while Macbeth was attempting to entertain the entire royal family of Scotland. After all of that, the prophesies of the three witches continue to come true, and the story continues, thanks in part to the supernatural figures who allowed for a thicker plot to develop.
             Another similarity between the two stories is the theme of death. In both, there were there were generally several different deaths, in the case of these stories there were at least three . In addition to that, the plot of each story is also based upon the death of someone. In Macbeth, King Duncan of Scotland is killed by Macbeth, which causes all of the other events to occur.

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