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             How does actor use voice and body to add dimension and bring passages to life? .
             Hamlet shows a variety of emotions as he suffers to absorb and comprehend all that has happened and is happening in Ellsinore. He passionately verbalizes his examination of his circumstances, his position, and his life. The overlaying emotion throughout his soliloquy is grief and pain. His hurt begins to turn to sarcasm and judgment against her saying that even a "beast that wants discourse of reason, would have mourn'd longer", for her "most unrighteous tears" and to condemn her for her marriage with "most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets!" Mel Gibson's body movements seemed rigid and weak. These physical expressions clearly portrayed how much Hamlet was suffering that he genuinely believed that suicide was a better alternative than a life of pain. .
             2. Give examples of two different types of language and identify the relationship among the speakers.
             3. Give example of allusion. In Hamlet, when Horatio says, "ere the mightiest Julius fell," the allusion is to the death of Julius Caesar. The ghost is also related to allusions in Hamlet. Three other Shakespeare plays have ghosts as characters: Julius Caesar Macbeth and Richard III. In Hamlet, the role of the ghost who appears in the first scene is to trigger the action by revealing Claudius" crime and by demanding vengeance. The ghost is much more symbolic since it has already been established elsewhere as a serious omen of things to come. The allusion creates much more suspense and anticipation for anyone familiar with the literature that also contained the ghost. .
             4. Find and identify sensory images: auditory, visual, tactile, kinetic, thermal, gustatory, olfactory. .
             In Act III scene 3 Hamlet becomes convinced that Claudius murdered his father. However, Hamlet's certainty was never stated directly. Hamlet's demeanor hostile attitude while Claudius was praying created tension that truly enhanced the emotional intensity of the situation.

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