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One should be forced to take driving test once every 5 years

            Since the automobile is playing an important role in our daily life, the situation on the roads should also be safer. Too many accidents happens on the roads. As a result, too many victims. In order to avoid or reduce the number of accidents that occurs every day on the roads, it is better if drivers are forced to take a driving test once in every five years. .
             The automobile is getting very popular, and many people travel by their own cars. The traffic is getting more and more, and the chances of getting an accident is increasing more en more. This matter should be taken into serious concentration. A forced driving test which should be taken once in every five years can be a solution to reduce the number of accidents. .
             One of the main causes of accidents depends on ones reaction capacity. The reaction capacity is how fast one can react on a particular circumstance. Especially elders have a low reaction capacity on a driving situation, they don't react quick enough where it is necessary. Driving tests in every five years, make it possible to recheck ones reaction capability and see whether the particular driver is still competent to hold a driving licence or not.
             The conclusion which can be taken after the arguments mentioned above is that regular driving tests is a considerable solution. This will make the number of accidents as well as the number of victims decrease.

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