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Sand Dunes

             Will the Gold Coast's famous surf beaches and waves ever be the same again?.
             Local and Professional surfers are fearing the worst for their favourite beach breaks as they watch them slowly diminish from increased sand build up.
             The surfers say the beach breaks are being wiped out by an extended pair of rock walls or groynes off the Tweed River Heads and the pumping of tens of thousands of cubic metres of sand from the Tweed River Sand Bypass which started last year.
             But surf isn't the major problem that has occurred since the completion of the Tweed River Bypass.
             Before the bypass the locals were complaining about the beaches washing away because of the extended groynes at he Tweed mouth. So the sand bypass was planned so that the sand build up in and around the Tweed River could be put back out and the on-shore drift could redistribute it along the coast. Sounded like a great plan.
             Now after the completion of the sand bypass many fans of Rainbow Bay, a bay around the point from the Tweed .
             it's not the safe spot for.
             the bucket and spade brigade that it used to be.".
             Although it might not be the Sahara Desert the locals have started calling it the Rainbow Desert because of the 600m hike just to get to the water's edge.
             Once a small quiet beach used for simple recreation now has had to be closed down a number of times recently because of the excessive current and wave size which means it is no longer safe for those family fun days.
             Never being a surf beach but now becoming a popular one has also created quite an uproar in the community. .
             Because the issue has only arose in the past year there hasn't been much practical work done about the sand bypass but more planning. it is a very difficult situation, both trying to keep the public happy as well as the boaties and keeping the river mouth free of sand. .
             In the near future sand pumping needs to be controlled and decreased to let the on-shore drift do its job properly and see what effect that has on the immediate beaches and the rest of the gold coast.

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