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My Family Vacation

            My family always had a problem of choosing where to go for vacation on breaks. We tended to choose places at the last minute; it had become a culture in our family to plan in such a way. It was definitely not a ski resort, after I had a skiing accident the year before. Then my father gave out an idea out of the blue that puzzled me completely: Death Valley.
             Why go to a place filled with unbearable land and no life? I did not understand why my dad would bring up such an idea for a vacation. Since there was no rebuttal against the proposition, we packed up for a three-day trip to the south and headed off. We drove along I-5, noticing all the farmlands and flat unattended fields. I still never was able to wrap my head around the idea of visiting a desert. Amazingly, we got to our hotel in Ridgecrest by 8 p.m.; unlike other years, my family and I never delayed and got out of the house early so we could get a head start on our vacation. .
             The next morning, after a quick and delicious pancake breakfast, we finally made our way into the national park. The road to the park was filled with fantastic views of the desert that I had never expected. The winding roads gave view to beautiful rock layers that made great pictures. .
             We stopped at a vista point that was placed at the top of one of the bordering mountains of the park. The vista point had given me the best view of the entire park, being able to see the valley. As we made our way down into the valley, my family and I stopped on the side of the road to see the valley floor. For miles and miles, I saw the familiar cracked earth I saw in backgrounds and movies. Unlike what I had assumed, it turned out that the air was cool and calm, not hot and unbearable. I started to reverse my initial thoughts with the trip. My brother noticed that deeper into the valley were sand dunes, which got me really interested. When arriving at the dunes, I saw atvs and motorbikes doing stunts in the dunes, which was awesome and a cool show in front of my eyes.

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