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My Vacation Experience

            The year was 2013, when my family and i went to the best tourism country, in other words it is the land of joy and happiness and as well as full of surprises which is originally known as Australia. We had our vacation in Australia for 2 weeks and we stayed in a hotel called The Tower of Chevron Renaissance which is situated near Surfers Paradise beach. The beach is really beautiful and breathtaking. The sand was really soft and smooth and the ocean is crystal clear and they satisfies my senses thus rejuvenates my spirit. For me, the ocean has always been representing the sweet escape, a fresh new beginnings, a lot fun and memorable adventure as well as gaining new and worthy experience. To start off, i would be telling a bit about myself and what I'm passionate about. I am a person who appreciates the nature by spending time broaden my views, looking up to the sky and appreciate the truly beauty in itself and having my own time just to laze around the park or garden as well as by the river or ponds.
             Firstly, Australia is a well-developed country and also one of the wealthiest in the world by holding the record of the world's 12th-largest economy. As it is famously known, Australia has been one of the best country for site visiting and also tourism. The top as well as famous landmarks in Australia is, the famous Uluru which is better known as, the Ayers Rock that is located in the heart of the Northern Territory of Australia. The Heart Shaped Reef, in Hardy Reef, has the shape of a heart which is really unique to the tourists and it has become a famous icon for Australia and specifically to the Queensland landmark and also not forgetting the fun gateway which is the Sea World, Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie World and also Wet & Wild which is located in Gold Coast.
             Subsequently, the exciting new experience that i have undergo throughout the vacation in Australia, is when my family and i went to Sea World, Gold Coast.

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