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The Globe Theater

            The Globe Theatre is a theatre that was dedicated to all of Shakespeare's work and the place in which he wrote plays to be performed. The theatre is located in London and it looks to me that basically all they ever play there is the classic Romeo and Juliet and something called Much Ado about nothing.
             The globe was originally built to hold around 2,000 to 3,000 people in it. The stage of the Globe Theater was at a level of 43 feet in 27 or 28 feet deep that was off the ground in about 5 feet. The original globe stood until June 29th 1613 when a cannon fired during a performance of Henry the VIII set the roof on fire and it burned down the whole building. The globe was rebuilt in 1614 and with more fireproof straw as then before. In 1642 an anti theater thing rose to power and it shut down al of the Theatres in England, Two years after that they tore down the Globe and leveled the ground and then they built tenements in the place of the globe.
             William was thought to be born on April 23rd in 1564 near the river of Avon; he was the third of eight children. He attended grammar school and he learned Latin and Greek, he didn't like to speak Greek because he was bad at it. Shakespeare arrived in London in 1588, and by 1592 had gained success as an actor and a playwright.
             The life of William actually has been divided into four periods, the first involved experimenting, the second he achieved personal style and approach, the third was a dark period because he wrote all of his tragedies and really difficult comedies, known as problem plays because they left many things unanswered, the fourth period was actually the one that his style grew into romantic tragicomedies-exotic plays.
             Shakespeare married at age 18 to a woman named Ann Hathaway; they had a daughter after 6 months of marriage. In 1616 he wrote his will and left his house to his daughter Susana, and he passes away on his 52nd birthday in 1616.

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