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            Understanding Your Organization's Culture.
             Every organization has its own unique personality and culture. A company's culture tells the employees what the company believes in, strives for, and practices. In essence, culture is who the company is, what it is trying to achieve, and how it goes about accomplishing things. As a new employee, you should understand your company's culture. When you accept a job offer, tasks and compensation are not all you receive. Along with accepting that new job comes responsibilities, which leads to a new lifestyle.
             Once one has realized their organizations culture, they can then fit right in with the team. This is important because it helps everyone understand that they are a collective group of individuals working together as a team. By knowing that they are a team, individuals would then understand that everyone must work together or the project will not be successful. After this is accomplished one can the start to understand their new-hire role .
             Understanding Your New-Hire Role.
             After one has established the understanding of their organization's culture, he or she must then being to understand their role. Every individual within the company has a role in which they must play in order for a company to be successful. .
             Individuals are expected to do two things once joining the company. Those two things involve behaving and working in a certain way. One must understand the expectations in which their job has upon them, in order to complete required task. Most companies expects their employees to act a certain way under pressure, this is called behavioral expectation. Employees must conduct themselves in an orderly manner on and away from the job. On the job one must know how to cope with deadline pressure and handle success properly. In addition to how one must conduct theirselve on the job, one must maintain that same since of self-respect away from the job.

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