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Jazz and the Blues

            I attended a jazz performance at the University Mainstage this May and way thoroughly impressed with the caliber of performance that was given by the students. They sounded perfect to me, I was aware that students at our school were making such sweet music. I expected to see another mellow chamber music concert but was very glad to find out that it was nothing of the such. Even the audience at this concert was a lot more responding to what the musicians were doing on stage, they actually wanted to really clap hard to show that they liked the music. The audience also seemed a lot more exuberant after the show than they were before they entered, I thought that was interesting because I never really saw that in a school concert from my experience, as limited as it is. .
             This was a student body jazz ensemble that was performed by fellow students here at CSU Stanislaus. The instruments included saxophones, trumpets, trombones, the drums, a piano, guitar, and a bass. All the horns were on the right side of the stage while the rest of the instruments were on the left part. The ensemble played excellent and sounded excellent. All the aspects of a great performance were their including great harmony and style. A few of the horn players in the front played with quit exuberance, they were really into what they were playing. This was excellent because when the people playing the music are really getting into it, it makes you want to really get involved. This was something that I a lot liked about this concert that I am not used to seeing at a lot of other music concerts. .
             Another interesting aspect that was worthy of note was the peace that was played by the horns upon which a student wrote. The song sounded excellent, it had great texture and the solo parts made you feel exciting inside, like you were at a night club drinking a martini and listen to great music. I was amazed that a student at a school that I went to possessed the talents that I was hearing; it was a cool thing to be a part of.

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