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Puerto Rico

             Puerto Rico is one of the largest islands between Florida and South America. Puerto Rico includes many smaller islands. They are Vieques, Mona, and Culebra.
             Land Regions:.
             Puerto Rico has four main land regions. The Coastal Lowlands, Coastal Valleys, Foothills, and the Central Mountains.
             The Coastal Lowlands border the coast on the north and the south. The northern lowlands have a generally humid climate. The southern lowlands have a much drier climate. Sugar cane is an important crop in both areas.
             The Coastal Valleys extend inland from the coast on the east and the west. Most of the land in these valleys is used for sugar cane.
             The Foothills mainly consist of jagged peaks and round basins.
             The Central Mountains main range is the Cordillera Central. It contains the highest peak in Puerto Rico, Cerro de Punta which rises 4,389 feet. The mountain region also has many fertile valleys, in which farmers raise crops. Coffee is the main crop of the western region.
             Puerto Rico's general coastline measures 311 miles. The island has tons of beaches and harbors.
             Puerto Rico's rivers flow northward from the mountains into the Atlantic Ocean. Its longest rivers, such as the Arecibo, cannot be used by large boats. But they are important sources of water for hydroelectric power, industries, and irrigation.
             Plant and Animal Life:.
             Much of the tropical forest that formerly covered Puerto Rico is gone. Many of the remaining trees are valued for their beauty. Many beautiful flowers grow on the island, they include orchids and poinsettias.
             Puerto Rico has few wild animals. Bats and mongooses are found on the island. Puerto Rico also has very few snakes and non that are poisonous. However, the island has many iguanas and other lizards.
             Fish in the ocean around Puerto Rico include barracuda, herring, marlin, mullet, pompano, sharks, snappers, Spanish mackerel, and tuna. Lobsters and oysters are also caught in Puerto Rican waters.

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