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            SAC: Direct Contact, Interview of Small Business owner or employee.
             I interviewed my friend's mother which runs a small business selling jewelry. She has been running this business for four years now, which is helping her greatly and she makes a lot of money and is happy that she did not work for a franchise or company. She feels that she would not make as much money that way and enjoys it. She understands all the elements that takes part running a small business, and she admitted that it was a lot of work when she first started up, going along with the amount of hours that she had to put in, she did reach a point where she would just quit, but she persisted and got thru with the process and is making a lot of money and successful. When she first started out, she had to borrow some money from the bank to get her started but that was not a problem because she was financially well set before she decided to run the business. Her husband is very rich and could afford to lend her money. When she got started, she went into the business head on, and by herself, which made more problems for her, but she found that it was better for her that she was in it alone because she can make decisions herself. She decided to work by herself for a few months when she got into selling jewelry, and then she found some people who could work for her so the workload is not that much. She says that she did not get a lot of sleep when she had to set up the business and she said that she had to work up to 18 hours a day. She hardly got any sleep and was really fatigued. Her small business has changed dramatically, going from shopping centre to shopping centre, she was made to sell her things everywhere, which in a way is a good thing, because you would get more customers, but in the end, there is a lot of traveling involved, so she finally got enough money to stay in one place where she is well established and going to stay.

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