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The roles of women

             This paper will focus on the roles of women from different cultures during this contemporary time. The paper was developed from a simple yet very powerful quote that was said by one of the fellow students in this class. The student said "Women nowadays are so Americanised, it's a shame." From this quote, I derived many reasons to explore women's role and break down and analyse this quote. Coming from a different culture and perspective than the American culture and being able to live in America as a women, helped me view the major difference in the roles of women. .
             In this paper, I went ahead and addressed my culture, the roles and struggle that women face on a daily basis. I also talked about my nuclear family and the roles that both my parents adopted when they resided from Africa to America. As for the American culture, I did get a chance to witness and explore how the role of women has developed into today's society. With both comparisons, I was able to analyse the quote, who said and why it was said. From a sociological perspective, I narrowed down exactly to why these women's roles have been modified due to societal changes and historical events. My opinions, experiences, and future expectation were definitely included throughout this paper.
             "Women nowadays are so Americanised, it's a shame," said a fellow student in this sociology course. What is the initial thought that comes to your mind when you think about a woman and her role nowadays? A mother, a housewife, a teacher, a housekeeper, a nurse, an athlete, a police officer, a pilot, an entrepreneur, a lawyer or even a doctor? Could it be possible that a woman can actually be able to carry on and withhold a professional career such as these listed above. When at one point in history, a woman was only considered to work within the household and accomplish difficult daily tasks that wasn't given much acknowledgement.

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