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            The role of a set designer is a very important thing in the play Macbeth because the set designer captures the overall image of the play that the audience will be interpreting by how the set designer sets up a certain scene. A set designer can create a happy scene by using bright colors to light the stage, and giving props that may remind some people of their childhood (happiness), or the set designer could completely turn it around the other way and use very dark filters on the lights to set the stage as a dark, mysterious place, which will be interpreted by the audience. The set designer sets the tone and the mood of the play by using different lighting and props to give the audience a certain interpretation of the scene or play overall.
             I believe that the play Macbeth shows a lot of deceitfulness through characters that are portrayed as good people, but over time you can see how they develop into different people than the ones that you started the play with. The play Macbeth is a very dark and mysterious play throughout most of it with all the murders and deceit that go on in the play. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth devise many plots and they do not even care of the well-being of the other people they may be killing, they only care about what the outcome will have for them. .
             I would show my vision of the play by using very dark lighting on the stage at certain parts of the play, such as the murder of King Duncan. Creating a dark stage for a scene that involves a murder is important because it sets the tone for the audience by showing them that something bad will happen in the near future, or something bad is happening currently.
             Also one of the main images in this play is blood. To help create a deeper and more involved scene for the audience, I would use very dark red blood filters on the lights to create the image and theme for blood. In this play there is also abundance of blood, and by having the entire stage light up red, the audience could definitely see how the theme of blood persists throughout the play.

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