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Zionism in The Chosen

             One of the major conflicts in The Chosen is between the Zionists and the Anti-Zionists. This conflict greatly impacted many of the characters in The Chosen. It destroyed Danny and Reuven's friendship, divided their fathers, divided their school, and divided the Jewish nation. .
             David Malter, a Zionist, believes that the Jews cannot wait for their Messiah any longer. He feels that they must take action and create a Jewish state is Palestine. Reb Saunders, an Anti-Zionist, believes that the holocaust was god's will, and that is sacrilegious to build a Jewish state in Palestine before the arrival of the messiah. The Anti-Zionists believe in following tradition, to any end, while the Zionists wish to forsake tradition in hope of a better life. While Red Saunders in very close-minded about the conflict, David Malter sees the Anti-Zionist point of view, and respects it. An example of this is when David chastises Rueven for making rude remarks about Reb Saunders and his beliefs, (p. 219) On The other hand when Reuven brings up the topic of Zionism with Reb Saunders, he flies into a mad rage. (p. 187) This shows a lot about the fathers and their beliefs. The Zionists look at things more analytically, while the Anti-Zionists just trust things blindly. In the end the U.N. decides to agree with the Zionists and establish a Jewish state in Palestine. The Zionist conflict greatly impacted many peoples lives, not only in The Chosen, but in world history.

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