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            Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions, being founded around 2000 BC.
             is based on the belief in one God, who created all things and who, through his.
             special covenant with Abraham and his descendents, has chosen to reveal.
             Himself to the world through the Jewish people. God is seen as both a merciful,.
             loving deliverer, and also a powerful, just and punishing God. God is also the.
             creator of the world, and the Book of Genesis says that he created in six days.
             and rested on the seventh. In such a way, God is viewed as sovereign over the.
             events of the world, including suffering, and is also personal, and desiring of a.
             relationship with people.
             Judaism views life as lived once only, and history is linear and progressing.
             toward a decisive end. God will end creation in His own time, and inaugurate a.
             new kingdom with the coming of his Messiah ('Annointed One'). Man is seen as.
             having great responsibility for the world, but is fallen from God and therefore.
             rebellious. However, one's eternal existence after death is determined by moral.
             behaviour and attitudes now, and that even the most evil people have the.
             possibility of repentance. After such a repentance, one's rebellion against God.
             can be atoned for through positive action.
             Jewish teaching is written down in the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old.
             Testament), which is seen as being inspired by God, and is made up of three.
             parts; the Torah (Five Books of Moses), the Prophets, and the Writings (such.
             as Job and Psalms).

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