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Is Judaism a religion, a culture, a race or something else?

             It is a nationality, a legal system, ethnicity and above all, a way of life. Judaism governs everything in a Jewish persons life.
             Judaism is the one of three Abrahamic religions based on pure monotheism. Abraham is the father of monotheism, and through his son Isaac, he is a relation to the Jewish people.
             The basic beliefs of the Jewish people are as follows:.
             Belief in one god who is everywhere and all powerful.
             God is the creator of life.
             Everything in life has the power of god within it.
             Only god is divine.
             The main principle of Judaism is to obey and practice the will of god. It is essentially a practice religion. It is believed that through practice, the individual will become closer to god.
             Judaism as a way of life through practice.
             I believe that fundamentally, Judaism is a way of life. Therefore the practice of Judaism through the teachings of the Torah, Talmud and Codes is a way of life. Judaism defines everything in a Jewish person's life. The way they eat, the rituals they perform and above all, the practice of their belief systems.
             The Talmud is vital in the practice of Judaism. The Talmud is oral law and is considered primarily as regulations for living. It was eventually written down in the 6th century AD.
             By doing good deeds, learning the Torah and the Talmud and adapting its teachings into everyday life, it is believed that the individual will become closer to god.
             As discussed in Rabbi Uri Themal's lecture on the 11 August 2003, it was pointed out that the commandment mentioned the most in the Bible is love thy neighbour. He explained that this is because it's the most difficult of all the commandments to act out. Essentially love thy neighbour is saying love a stranger or love someone who is different. To Jewish people, this is the most important commandment of them all.
             Although perfection is unattainable, Jews believe it is important to strive for it anyway.

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