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             Being raised Catholic; I was not introduced to many other religions. I went to a private Catholic elementary school, a public middle school, and then back to a private Catholic high school, which is where I graduated from. During elementary school, I had nuns and/or priests for teachers, mass was held weekly for the entire school, and religion was one of our basic courses through all of our years there. From day one, we were taught the rules and regulations of Catholicism, and nothing else. Although my father was Baptist, my mother was Catholic-and of very strong faith might I add. My mother also taught at my school, and since my father was not practicing his religion much, my mother took it upon herself to instill her beliefs in me. But when it came time to receive the Sacraments, my father objected. Because of his objection, I was not officially baptized or received Communion till I was twelve years old. Although my father objected, it was my choice, and Catholicism was the only faith I knew, so I stuck with it. Ten years later, I am still a practicing Catholic, although I do still have many questions. I think having questions is perfectly normal and healthy. Also, I do not believe so strongly as some in everything that is taught. I am not prejudiced against other religions; in fact I am open to them. .
             I have a problem seeing people who are not Catholic as being bad or evil. I have dated males of other religions, including guys of no religion! I had a relationship with a Jewish male once, which was like every other relationship. It was also a very great learning experience, as we got to share our faiths with each other. I also have friends that are Jewish. Judaism, as I learned from Jason, is not very far from Catholicism. .
             According to history, Judaism was founded by Abraham, Issac, and Jacob-otherwise known as the Patriarchs. Jacob and Issac were Abraham's sons, by different mothers.

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