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            Writing a paper isn't as easy as some people may think. Before I can even begin to write the paper I have to research my topic and make I sure you know what tools that I am going to use. Writing is just as difficult as getting ready to go on a trip or vacation somewhere. When I go on a trip I have to take my time and make sure I have everything there before I go on a trip. That's just like writing, you have to make sure you have everything ready before you can write. .
             When I am starting out writing, I first have to come up with an idea of something to write about. When I figure out what I am going to write about, I have to research my topic to make sure I have everything before I start writing. I have to make an outline to make sure I don't get off track. It's the same thing when I am going on a trip. Before I can go on my trip, I have to figure out where I am going and where I am going to stay. It takes a lot to plan a trip just like writing takes a lot of effort and time. .
             After I have all my materials and information, I can start writing. I first start out with my introduction. The introduction is the beginning of the paper. It gives me somewhere to start from and somewhere to go from. That is just like going on a trip. I don't always get that exciting feeling about going on a trip until I start packing. When I start packing it hits me, I am actually going to leave here and have an awesome time. Packing is the introduction to the trip. It gives to something to build from. .

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