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Creative Writing

             Tolkien, George Orwell, William Shakespeare, and Robert Frost are all creative masterminds. Can anyone really expect high school students to write as well as these influential artists? That answer varies on the individual in question; however, it is most certain that when over half of the students who have taken the writing portion of the graduation test fail the first time, it is safe to say that many students are no F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now we come to another question: How could we possibly begin to eradicate this problem? With so many basic skills practically non-existent, it is suggest we look back to education to correct these problems. There should be a creative writing course implemented as a required subject to be accepted into college. Initially, the creative writing course would promote creative thought, and artistic freedom, assisting to build personal morals and viewpoints of the students; thereafter, it would reinforce any background a student had in writing, or teach the skills that weren't learned.
             From a creative perspective, there are too many who follow the crowds and don't learn to think as a creative individual. By opening the many possibilities of creative writing up to students, one might find a future Shakespeare or a future Bram Stoker in every single class. Not only this, but opening their minds to creative thought often leads the way to logical thinking, which is used everyday. Such skills are lifelong, not just used in high school. More importantly, with enhanced logical thinking, students could potentially have the ability to do better in other core subjects, such as math and science, which take a great deal of logical reasoning.
             How often have teachers lectured students to stop beating pencils and pens on desks, and to use them for work instead of drumsticks? Too many times it seems, consequently, much of that energy spent by those students framing around writing utensils, could be much better spent in putting their creativity to word.

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