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The Causes of Diabetes

             Diabetes is a lifelong disorder when the body does not produce or use insulin, as it should (Basic). It is a manageable disease when diagnosed early, but can be deadly if not treated and controlled. There are two major types of diabetes: type one and type two. Both have different causes, but must be inherited and triggered by the environment. Type one diabetes is when your body does not produce enough insulin that it needs. Type two diabetes is when your body produces insulin, but does not properly use the insulin (Genetics). About 6% of the United States, 17 million people, has diabetes. Amazingly 5.9 million people are unaware that they have diabetes (What is Diabetes). Diabetes is a common disease that is caused by poor diet, obesity, and especially genetics.
             Poor diet is one cause of diabetes. You are normally diagnosed with type two diabetes in result of nutritional deficiencies. A long- term diet that is high in saturated fat and low in fiber is all it takes to trigger diabetes. Results from a new study show that eating one ounce of nuts or peanuts five days a week can reduce the risk of type two diabetes by 27%. Early diet has been found to determine high risks of being diagnosed with diabetes (Genetics). Type one diabetes has been found to be less common in people who were breastfed as infants, and in people who ate solid foods at later ages in their childhood (Genetics). .
             Another cause for diabetes is obesity. Obesity is a body mass index of thirty or greater (Overview). Too much fast food, not enough carbohydrates or fiber, and little to no exercise are causing more and more Americans and Europeans to develop type two diabetes (Genetics). These days obesity is a strong risk factor for younger children to develop type two diabetes (What is Diabetes). When diagnosed with diabetes it is very important to consult a nutritionist and control your diet. Not planning around a special diabetic diet can lead to toe and foot problems, nerve damage, and eye problems (Overview).

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