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Nickel and Dimed

             The employee in the book Nickel and Dimed was without trust ,ill treated and without praise. This type of treatment lower the employee self estemm. Molly Maid is prime example to show how they work their employee to the limit without any reconition. The team work with the maids was absolutely amazing how they work with only a five minute break. The ladies work very hard in each house that they clean but, unfortunlley when the maid are not in there best conditon to work they are not able to have time off. The manger, Ted, expres to the maid "He does not have much sympathy for illiness". This is sad because you need to have perfect to okay health to perform your duites at work. The manger at the maid sevice did not care about their health. .
             Theft is a concern in the maid busness also. Ehrenreich express "our garnish uniforms and bright green and yellow cars, for example, are probably designed to distinguish us from the average crew of burgulars, and I suspect that the reason there are no pockect in our slacks is to discourage us from stealing.".
             Their mangers did not praise them for working with only a five minute break, nor did he praise them for working while they were was sick. One of the maids believe the Acura Test was a result that show a person was qulifieds for job, but she did not look at the test as if the company was screening her if she would to steal. .
             Misery surrounded Ehernreich in all the job she work at. When you work for a company that does not trust you and mis treat you it is hard to have a positive outlook in finding a new job. Some of these people felt as if they could not make a change in their job. They was use to the treatment. I feel that in their mind they could not find anything better because the mangers did not acknoledege their work. As Ehrenrich stated "If you can"t stand being around suffering people then you have o business in the low-wage work world, as a journalist or anything else.

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