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Nickel & Dimed

             Q: Considering the evidence reported by Ehrerich- which paradigm, theories and or concepts from the stratification chapters are supported in her research findings? Cite the excerpts, quotes and pages to show how they support or refute the paradigms and concepts from the text.
             A: After reading the evaluation chapter I had to ask myself, what paradigm, theories and or concepts from the stratification chapters are supported in Ehrerich's research? One of the first things I found was that Ehrerich spoke about minimum wage in 1996 and it in 1999. She had said she " went from $6.80 an hour in 1996 to $7.35 in 1999." Ehrerich says she was moving up the socioeconomic ladder. This is what Weber focused on status, wealth, and power. When you look at Ehrerich her status is a minimum wage working to lower class citizen. She obviously is not wealthy, and as a minority she has limited power. .
             If your looking at Ehrerichs situation from a social conflict point of view, you find power and hierarchy come in to play. Ehrerich being female is in a minority group limiting her power against a somewhat patriarchal ownership. Ehrerich says she learned this when she was told that management at any time could search her purse. She also found out that those who step out of line often face little unexplained punishment.
             Ehrerich also points out a feeling of alienation, Weber describes it as "to dehumanize". Ehrerich said, "If you"re made to feel unworthy enough, you may come to think that what you"re paid is what you are actually worth." To some that I am crap because I am in a lower class sense feels like prejudice.
             As heard, as it may be to do what Ehrerich did, there is the vision of the American Dream pushing her and many others along. That one day in this society we will experience the upward mobility that is the "American Dream" Like Ehrerich mentions one of her restaurant co-workers said, "you give and you give.

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