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            Reading is the ability to understand the written words of another person. But reading is not as simple as you think, reading is a not just novel, it is almost everything that happens in your life. Reading needs a lot of practice too! It is not like all your other subjects, the vocabulary is never ending in a language, if you want to be a good reader or writer, the best way is to read more, the more you read the more you are open-minded. It is very important for a person to be open-minded; this will make you more mature. And the more you are open-minded, the more you know about everything. Reading is a very important skill, it is important because of a few substances. You can gain a lot and different knowledge. It is also important for all of us because you will need it on a daily basis, you will need to read a lot of directions all the time. Reading is also a good relaxation and enjoyment for us, that wont waste money nor waste time. Not like the other things you would do, that just waste your time and you wouldnt learn anything out of it. These factors will be explained in the following paragraphs. .
             First, you can gain a lot and different kinds of knowledge, you will learn a lot more about what is happening around the world and the history. Reading will also build up your vocabulary if you read more, and learn to use the words properly in a sentence and it will also highly improve your writing skills, because you have read so much of other professionals people's writing, you will learn a lot more about how to write a better job, and maybe you could also learn how to use the language more efficiently. Also, you can learn the language faster and easier if you read more on it, because when you read a book, it makes more sense to you and you will remember and understand the words better, rather than just memorizing the vocabulary. If you use memorizing, you will forget very easily and quickly because you dont even have a knowledge to it, you are just memorizing because maybe the teacher assigned a quiz to you, and you wont know how to use it in a sentence or maybe you wont even know what that word meant.

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