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To kill a mockingbird (scout)

             Scout, also known as Jean-Louise Finch, was the narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird. The whole story was told as seen through her eyes. Although it was mainly told as a memory, she included how she felt then, and how she felt in her later years.
             Scout, toward the beginning of the story, is about five or six years of age. She is a tomboy, often hanging around with her only sibling, her older brother Jem. He often teases her about being a girl and acting feminine so she tries to act as much as a boy as possible. Instead of wearing dresses and learning how to be lady-like, she wears overalls and learns how to climb trees. .
             Scout, although different from most girls in prim, proper Maycomb, is very gifted in many ways. Scout is very intelligent, learning to read and write before ever going to school. She is also very confident and courageous, not afraid of a challenge. She wasn't scared to fight boys, and do all the things that her older brother and her good friend Dill did. Even though she thought her fists were the way to settle things, she often had good intentions, not just picking a fight on a poor defenseless kid for no reason; she had reasons behind her actions. .
             Atticus is probably most to blame for Scout's mannerism. Atticus had a parenting style unlike many others. He was always calm, never yelled, and never physically disciplined his children. He was always there as someone that could always be trusted, no matter what the circumstance. He was a well respected man by many people, although his children didn't always seem to see why he was so great. Regardless, Scout learned a lot from Atticus, which helped her a lot throughout her lifetime. One of the most important things that she learns a young age is that not everyone is good, but not everyone is bad; nobody is perfect and the color of your skin has nothing to do with it.
             As the story progressed, Scout turned from an innocent adolescent to a near adult.

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