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Everyday Use; Reader Response Essay

             In my personal family experience there are no obvious cultural gaps, however, in society music is often seen as a variable of great concern. In this current genre of music it is common to hear songs littered with a plethora of visually painted sex screens as well as outburst of profanity. Previous generations view such music as morally damning and see it unfit to fall upon any human ear. I view music that may paint explicit pictures as artistic freedom and view this freedom as only a form of entertainment which is far from reality. On the other hand this music is verbal filth; under no circumstances can this form of music conjure up positive values and morals.
             As in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker objects such as the churn and quilt took on great sentimental value. Some of the possessions I have that could one day be valuable to my grandchildren are many of the projects that I worked on during my school career as well as my first car. Many of my school projects hold sentimental value because each project tells a story and I can always seem to remember exactly what was going on at that period in my life during the making of the project. The other item that I would love to share with my grandchildren is my first car. This car represents what happens when hard work and determination combine and produce a great result.
             Or name is our identity, it represent who we belong to. A great illustration of this is found in our sir name, commonly call last name. Many sir names show direct ownership to one of greater status. Names such as Johnson (John's son) or Erickson (Erick's son) show the importance of a name and its lineage. As illustrated in "Everyday Use", Dee no longer wanted to be known by that name because she felt it was a name that was given to her by her oppressors. The changing of a name can symbolize a new beginning, in the case of Dee, or a publicity stunt in the case of Puff Daddy to the supposedly well mannered P.

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