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            Pinochet's Case - Evolution in International Law.
             On the fateful morning of October 16, 1998 General Augusto Pinochet was arrested by London's Metropolitan Police based on a preliminary extradition request from the Spanish government. The extradition request from Spain began from anger due to the Chilean Supreme Court's refusal to punish DINA officials who had tortured and killed a Spanish diplomat. Human rights groups in Spain had forcefully and successfully created a powerful complaint against Pinochet and top DINA officials in the Spanish courts. Many Spanish organizations unified to produce and broaden a complaint against the human rights abuses in Chile and Argentina, including: The Progressive Association of Prosecutors, and the Salvador Allende Foundation. The complaints were originally filed to pursue reparations for crimes committed against the deaths of Spanish citizens in Chile and Argentina under Pinochet's rule, but was broadened to include all the crimes of the regime. Pinochet's case revolutionized international law in began many questions which tested the enforceability, precision, interpretation, and legitimacy of the international legal system. According to International Human Rights and Authoritarian Rule in Chile by Darren G. Hawkins, "The detention of Pinochet is the tale of a transnational human rights network in action." .
             The detention of Pinochet attracted widespread international attention and formulated a strong case for the prosecution of Pinochet for human rights violations. Various Chilean human rights associations stepped forward to offer assistance, they provided testimony and documents that helped create a strong case against Pinochet. Amnesty International pushed to enforce Spain's request for extradition and used its" political power to pressure Britain to comply. Breaking testimony from Chile's former intelligence chief, proved Pinochet's, direct role in the command of the internal intelligence agency and the activities of the military.

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