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The Face of Skinheads

            The Face of Skinheads Webster's Dictionary defines skinheads, "as usually a white male belonging to any of various, sometimes violent, youth gangs whose members have close-shaven hair and often espouse white-supremacist beliefs." I had the pleasure, more like displeasure, of looking up information on skinheads and found that they are not at all as the dictionary defined them as. They are worse then any of those English majors could imagine. Skinheads are very violent and ignorant people, they feel that they are superior to all other races. They follow the rules set down by Adolf Hitler, his teachings and his bigotry fuel their fight. Such people as Tom Metzger, Terrible Tommy, Leon Degrelle, Alex Curtis, and Shane McCormick, publisher of Hammerskin Press and leader of Hammerskins.com, view themselves as superior. I have decided to focus on these five people to show you how terrible these white supremacist groups are. Tom Metzger is the director of a very extensive group called the, "White Aryan Resistance." His view is that whites are supreme and all other races, especially African Americans and Jews, are inferior. He has six children, five of them girls, women are also looked at as inferior to white men. His son has grown to be just like him. His son, John Metzger, has also been involved in riots and brawls. John was arrested in Toronto, in 1992, for giving a speech that was, "likely to commit an indictable offense."(resist.com) John like his father is a hated person. Tom Metzger has been involved in, "brawls, riots, negotiations with the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan, half dozen assassination attempts, and he also won the Democratic Primary in 1980."(resist.com) His attitude towards his life and the situations he has been in is one of happiness. He has no remorse for any of the crimes or any of the violent acts he was involved in. He is one of the most hated people in the political scene.

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