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Authoritarian Perspective

            The bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the emergence of militias and skinheads, the rise of the religious right, the attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics, and the backlash against equal rights movements. According to Bob Altemeyer, and his book "The Authoritarian Specter", these are the result of the Right Wing Authoritarian personality in action. Are authoritarians Nazis, kooks, the Klan? These are just the extreme examples, he argues. "The Authoritarian Specter" shows that many ordinary people today are psychologically disposed to embrace antidemocratic, fascist policies. The video, "Blood in the Face", (whose title refers to the belief that only white people can blush, is a searing record of America's radical right, a social and political force which can no longer be dismissed) shows a definite connection between the theories and ideologies of Altemeyer to the culture and actions of the individuals in the "Blood in the Face". In a comprehensive look at the similarities between both Altemeyer's Right Wing Authoritarianism speculation, and the people and culture displayed in "Blood in the Face" we find many components to their correlation.
             Altemeyer refers to many of the Right Wing Authoritarians as "superpatriots", which was in essence what the extremists embodied in the video "Blood in the Face". The brand of Neo-Nazis that were displayed in "Blood in the Face" entitled themselves, "more Nazi than the Nazis" and had the most extreme of views of many parts of American culture. Many of these views were induced by an outrageously strong sense of ethnocentrism repeatedly lashing out at many different races, cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Altemeyer dubbed a Right Wing Authoritarian as an "equal opportunity bigot" due to the fact that Right Wing Authoritarian's cultural self-righteousness permits them to loathe almost every group different than themselves regardless of "race, creed, or color".

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