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Business Management Perspectives

            Management plays a significant aspect in how business operates. There has not been any concrete definition of management even though the conventional definition of Henri fayol still remains contention to be the preferred choice after four years. Mullins (1999) explains clearly the path through that management theory jungle and how entangled theories have brought about conflict and confusion. It recommends using management discipline rather than trying to meander our way through the jungle of numerous theories and "schools of thought". .
             Many since the turn of the century have analyzed management theories. Although the illustrations of management practice can be traced back several thousand years, the development of management as a field of knowledge is recent. Much of the inspiration for creating management theories and principles came from the industrial trend and factory growth in the early 1800s. With industries became an extensive need to organize large numbers of people in generating goods. Some people began to think about ways to run factories more efficiently and effectively. Later known as pre-classical management contributors, they targeted on particular techniques to fix specific problems. They were then followed by people who developed wider principles and theories which formed the basis of the significant opinion, or educational institutions, of management; classical, which emphasized finding methods to more efficiently manage work and organizations; behavioral, which tried to understand factors impacting human behavior in organizations; quantitative, which targeted on mathematics, statistics and information aids to assisting managerial decision making and effectiveness and contemporary, which represents, significant enhancements in ways of management thinking.
             Several approaches provided for the development of these opinions into what methods and theories managers depend on and use today.

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