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Hollywood or History:

            Is "Glory" Hollywood or history? Many criticize historical events as they are portrayed in the movies. If one engages in discussion on Hollywood's treatment of important historical events, complaints are bound to be apart of the discussion. Generally, Hollywood is given a bad name for the way writers portray many historical subjects. Despite documents and other historic artifacts, Hollywood has somehow managed to manipulate facts, leaving out scenes and inventing characters, their dialogue and historical situations. .
             The movie, "Glory" tells the story of the recruitment and beginning of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Carnes 128). In January 1863, the 54th Massachusetts Regiment was formed (Reef 44). It came to be known as the best fighting black regiment, often being mistaken as the first ("Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry"). "Men of Color! To Arms" slogans read that sought to recruit Black men to fight. Such slogans as this recruited black soldiers and promised the same pay and treatment as white soldiers received (Reef 44). The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry was one the first all-black regiments in the Civil War (Reef 44). Colonel Robert Gould Shaw took command of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment (website 54th mass.org). He believed in African Americans receiving the same treatment as whites did (Reef 46). On July 18, 1863, the regiment set sail for combat near Fort Sumter (Reef 50). More than half the regiment died at the enemy's gun (Glory DVD). Colonel Shaw was among those who died (Reef 52). Those who survived went on to capture Ft. Wagner shortly afterwards (website 54thmass.org). .
             "Glory" is an overall good movie despite inaccuracies in the historic facts (Roquemore 65). One major oversight in the historical inaccuracy of this film is the notion that the entire 54th Massachusetts Regiment was made up of former slaves (Cox 27). However, this is not true of all the men (Cox 27).

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