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villains in hollywood

             It would be impossible to name all the villains, or even the types of villains, which have appeared in Hollywood films since the beginning of silent films. If Hollywood has been called the dream factory", then we can also say that dreams are either visions of happiness or nightmares, and that in order to produce a successful film one needs contrasts and conflict:.
             if nothing else, then a hero and a villain, so that the action can begin. No one would be interested in a story without an element of evil or danger. Indeed many of Hollywood's bad guys" - and girls- have become more popular than the well-behaved characters who do their duty, risking everything for God, family, country, etc.
             My special topic Villains in Hollywood" will analyze the figure of the villain and the fascination it holds for the audience. Then I propose to outline several kinds of villains throughout the history of films and give reasons for their success, or sometimes failure.
             One point of emphasis will be how and why such characters are depicted and their political and social influence on the masses.
             2. Psychology of the villain.
             What makes a villain so appealing in many cases? Why is evil usually more fascinating than goodness? This tendency is probably as old as human nature and can be explained in many ways, but i doubt that we can get to the heart of the matter. A villain excersises power and is allowed to do forbidden things. Most normal people would love to have the physical or mental strength the villain possesses and would love to use this power in order to do things they have never dared. For a few moments they identify with him and fulfil their secret wishes, but only in their thoughts. Death and destruction are magnets. People are curious to see scenes of crimes, war, quarrel, crisis in real life and on the screen. It is usually a wicked person or group of people or sometimes a dangerous creature or personification of natural forces which are the objects of their interest.

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