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Hotel Rwanda - A Movie Reflection

            The movie "Hotel Rwanda," is about the massacre in 1994 that is carried out in Rwanda after a group of rebels, Hutu, decides to attack the Tutsis. This story starts with a hotel manager of the hotel Des Mille Collines called Paul Rusesabagina. He is a Hutu man who doesn't support the Hutu violence and rebellion against the Tutsis. Within the Tutsis, his wife, friends, family, neighbors, and known people are endangered. Paul constantly bribes officers, militia men and Hutu rebels with money, jewelry, and alcohol to avoid problems with his family and the hotel. As days pass, many refugees arrive at the hotel to protect themselves from the Hutus. The United Nations start to act by placing some of their soldiers protecting the hotel but with the orders of keeping peace and not shooting.Many more refugees arrive from the Red Cross and orphanages. The Canadian Colonel Oliver tries to do his best at this horrible genocide by keeping peace and helping the foreigners and influential people to get out of Rwanda. When violence starts to grow, Paul asks for assistance to the Rwandan Army, General Augustin Bizimungu. However Paul's bribes are no longer effective and he looks for another way of convincing the Genera. paul blackmail him with threats of being tried as a war criminal. The General feeling so impotent helps Paul by going back for his family and hotel refugees to leave the hotel, which is being now attack, in a United Nations convoy. Almost a million people died, by the time, during the genocide which ended in July 1994. The genocide was carried out because of the injustice that was committed by the colonization. When Europeans decided who was a Tutsi and who was a Hutu by their racial characteristics, they gave more important roles and privileges to Tutsis which angered the Hutus.
             The most shocking scene in the film for me was when Paul, the hotel manager, and Gregoire, a hotel worker, go for supplies to provide for the hotel.

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