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Genocide in Rwanda

            Since the 1994 genocide's the country of Rwanda has drastically changed. Rwanda is in desperate need of guidance and security in the aspect of reconciliation. Rwanda faces two major problems. One is its population and the other being its political ecology. Rwanda's population is rising rapidly. At the rate that it's going it is predicted that the population will double every twenty-two years.
             "Its estimated that to every one family there are at least seven to nine children out of those siblings at least one of them suffers from a generic disorder." (Topouzis 66).
             Families such as this do, in fact, exist. The Fuddah family being one of them, however there are more. The head of this particular household is a woman and she can barely support herself let alone the seven children that she presently has. The youngest of her seven is a two-moth old girl who suffers from MS (Multiple Sclerosis). There is nothing that she or her family can do because they lack the health benefits needed to take care of a person in this condition.
             " She is dying right before my eyes and there is nothing that I as her mother can do I am hurt- (Topouzis 65).
             There are almost no medical benefits available for families such as the Fuddah's. Do to the fact that in most families there are women as the head of the house holds women are discriminated against and are unable to get things such as food, water, clothing, and other things to this nature.
             Due to the fact that human resources development was neglected by administration, Rwanda was left with a low skilled population. Because of this education was limited for a particular population. The Government of National Unity quickly changed this. They re-installed meritocracy in the education system and made it so that more resources were to be used to build and rebuild schools. It is said that by the year 2003 universal elementary education is subject to introduction.
             The government officials decided to make Rwanda's education its highest priority.

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