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The Rwanda Genocide

            The 1994 Genocide of Rwanda took place in a small country located in the center of Africa. "Genocide" is another word for massive killing. The purpose of a genocide is to aim at a certain nation, race, or ethnic group and exterminate them completely, and in this case approximately 800,000 to 1,000,000 people were killed during the unknown Rwanda Genocide, in the time span of 100 days. This conflict was between two racial groups, the majority Hutus and the minority Tutsis. Racially, religiously, and socially unjust people who believe they are superior inspire genocides. Many people aren't aware of recent genocides, but the truth is that they happen all around the world, and the 1994 Rwanda Genocide is an example of a significant recent one. .
             It's important to understand how the 1994 Rwanda Genocide was organized. According to Straus the genocide was organized by using ideas to bring Hutu fear and hatred towards the Tutsis (Guichoaoua). Once the Hutus learned to hate the Tutsis the government managed to create acts of hunting, raping, and killing, which lead to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide (Guichaoua). The Hutu government informed their community that the Tutsis were foreigners to Rwanda and had no right to be there. This goes to show how powerful the Hutu government was and its control over the national government. The use of radio, newspapers and channels of command made it possible for the Hutus to take over the Tutsi population (Guichaoua). .
             The 1994 Rwanda Genocide lasted for approximately 100 days. According to BBC News, "the genocide was sparked by the death of the Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, a Hutu, when his plane was shot down above Kigali airport on April 6, 1994" ("Rwandan Genocide: 100 Day Slaughter"). However, the death of the president was not the only cause of the Rwanda Genocide. Another, and more historical, factor that led to the genocide was Belgium's colonization of Rwanda.

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