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The Rwandan Genocide

            The Rwandad Genocide is a very important event in history, as is the Holocaust, both of these events are somewhat similar in the way people were treated, the rights they had, and the killing of many innocent people. In the book Night by Ellie Weisel is a story about a jewish teenager and his adventures in the ghettos and concentration camps. He gets pulled from his home in Sighet and brought to many different camps such as Birkenau and Buna. He gets split up from his mother and sister but is still with his dad, Him and his dad try very hard to stay together but it eventually gets too hard and Eliezer gets sick of looking after the both of them. The Rwandan Genocide is a mass killing of the Tutsi population, in the span of 100 days about 800,000 to 1 million Tutsi's and moderate hutus were murdered. They blamed the Tutsi's for many reasons.
             Their are three groups of people in Rwanda. The Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. The Hutus worked on the land and the Tutsi were the landowners. The Twa only made up 1% of the population. This division made it so that the Hutus naturally outnumbered the Tutsis. It was easy for the Hutu to blame the Tutsi because there were so many of them and they were so vulnerable. It is very similar to the Holocaust when the nazi's blamed the jews even though they didn't do anything wrong it was just very easy to blame them. The Hutus blamed the entire Tutsi minority for the failures in the country's social, economic and political issues. The appearance of the Hutus and Tutsi are very different. The Tutsi were tall with thin noses and lips while the Hutu look like a typical Central African. When Rwanda was finally independent the Tutsi people would not give in to the Hutu democracy. Before the europeans came the Tutsi had a feudal system over the Hutu. It was very easy to switch from a Hutu to a Tutsi, all they had to do was own a cow because those who owned a cow were considered powerful in Africa.

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