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            The Rwandan people are mostly farmers. Ninety percent of the population farms, with the greatest percentage of the population being in the age range of 15-63 years. The farmers produce a wide range of crops. They produce coffee, tea, pyrethrum, bananas, beans, sorghum, potatoes, and livestock regularly. Rwanda does not just run on agriculture though. Other industries of the country include, cement producing, small-scale beverages, soap, furniture, shoes, plastic, textiles, and cigarettes. They also produce a large amount of electricity and mine many natural resources. Gold, cassiterite, wolframite, methane, hydropower, and arable land are listed by the CIA World Fact book as Rwandan's most common natural resources. Rwandans produced a total of 132 million kilo Watt-hours of electricity in 1999, but they consumed approximately 191.8 million kilowatt-hours, slightly higher than in previous years (CIA). .
             The Rwandan culture is not much different than neighboring countries in Africa. Rwanda is made up of four main religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Adventist, and Muslim, with Roman Catholic as the most popular. There are three main ethnic groups. The majority of the population is Hutu, with Tutsi second, and the last group Twa with only 1 percent of the population ("Rwanda"). They speak many different languages very fluently. There are three official languages English, French, and Kinyarwanda, with secondary languages such as Bantu vernacular, and Kiswahili (CIA).
             Just like in the US, there are many issues that burden the small country. The population growth rate is probably the worst problem the country faces. The current population growth rate is 1.16 percent. The birth rate is 33.97 births for every 1,000 people, and the death rate is 21.13 deaths for every 1,000 people. With this large birth rate it is not surprising that this population is plagued by HIV/AIDS. Approximately 400,000 people are currently living with aids as of a 1999 count, and a prevalence rate of 11.

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