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Movie Overview - Hotel Rwanda

            "Hotel Rwanda" follows a hotel manager, Paul Rusesabagina, during the Rwandan genocide that occurred in 1994. Because of Paul's job position, he interacts with many European leaders. He plans on building up relationships with these Europeans so that if a war ever started in Rwanda, he could count on them for help. When the genocide between the Hutus and the Tutsi people started, Paul found himself in the middle of it all. This was because Paul was a Hutu who was married to a Tutsi. Soon, Paul's hotel becomes an impromptu refugee center after foreign guests were evacuated. Paul continuously begged for help from the United Nations, Europeans, Americans, anyone who he could get a hold of but it was useless. He was told that the problem was that it was just the same people fighting each other. Eventually, Paul and his family escape and go to a real refugee camp.
             +Three African cultures represented in the movie are the importance of family, sense of community, and hospitality. In the movie, Paul demonstrates how important his family was to him. When the Hutu rebels were raiding his house and told him to go them something, he insisted that he take his family with him because he cannot leave his family. The same thing happened when the Hutu rebels raided his hotel. He told his family to go up to the roof so that they would be safe. Paul also showed how important his community was to him. Even though most of his neighbors were Tutsi, Paul helped them when they needed help. He allowed them to stay at his home and his hotel when the Hutu rebels wanted them. He even paid a large amount of money to save them. Hospitality was another culture that was portrayed in the movie. Paul seemed like a very generous man. When foreigners came to his hotel to stay, he provided them with the best service. He made sure that he was polite with them. Even when Paul had a gun pointed to his head, he was calm and collected and called the Hutu militia leader "sir", as much as he probably wanted to lash out on him.

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